Home Interior Decoration Guru Tips For Small Spaces

Small spaces can make some people claustrophobic. However, the value of small spaces cannot be undermined especially because being minimalist may have its perks in terms of budget and design.

It would all just depend on your creative fervor and some professional help, of course.

It’s no secret: We all need a little extra space sometimes. But what to do when your real estate isn’t real roomy? If tight quarters have you feeling cramped, don’t stress: Maximizing small spaces is easier than it looks.

With a few tips and tricks from the trade to help you embrace your tiny space, you’ll feel like you’re living large in no time. Ahead, check out creative design ideas for small houses and apartments, clever storage solutions, and expert hacks for making your home feel less puny–and more palatial.

Illuminate Your Space

When you don’t have space to spare, there’s no excuse for any corner of your home to get left in the dark. Sneak some extra lighting in wherever you can to keep your place feeling bright, open, and airy.

Add a lamp to your bookcase, a pair of reading lights over your nightstands, or a sculptural wall sconce to increase interest and illumination!

Use Mirrors to Widen Up

Pro tip: A wall mirror keeps your square footage from feeling skimpy. This quick-fix will open up any room you’ve got: Feature one above the fireplace, over your sofa, behind the dining table, or leaning by the bed to supersize your space.

Extra points for hanging your mirror opposite a window to reflect natural light and bring the outside into your small space. Oh, did I mention more light?

Play With Highs and Lows

You’ve got vertical space, so work it: Maximize your home or apartment’s potential by decorating left to right or up and down. Create a sprawling gallery wall down a hallway or up a staircase or place a tall potted plant in the corner.

Hang your curtains high so they elongate your wall and windows. Add a floor lamp next to your armchair or sofa for form and function, or lean a ladder against one of your walls. Playing with height draws your eye up and around, giving every inch of your abode some air time.

Go for Large Rugs

When you want to make your space look bigger, be sure not to go too teeny on your area rug: A small throw rug under a single piece can make your room feel choppy and divided.

It seems counterintuitive, but a room-sized rug actually helps unite your furniture into logical groups and creates zones.

An 8×10 or 9×12 in your bedroom will stretch from one nightstand to the other so your space feels spread out and cozy. In your living area, pull the front feet of your furniture at least a few inches onto the rug to ground your grouping.

Maximize Space with Multifunctional Furniture

These days, multi-purpose pieces are smarter and better looking than ever! You can use storage beds or amplify the look of your space with multi-tiered cabinets.

These overachievers work double duty to save you space without sacrificing style–now that’s impressive which you can achieve with Vancouver Custom Home Builder.